Les oiseaux / The birds

From Iphigenia’s sacrifice to the Faustian myth, from Hitchcock’s Psycho to the pornographic pictures, maiden’s representation is always related to death.  » The projection-maiden » alternately a mental picture, an object-picture, raped, sacrificed, captured. Captured in the schizophrenic flow of the world, « the projection-maiden » stays one of the figures resisting to this flow, a myth by herself. Just as the Louise Bourgeois’s house-woman, picture of a lost childhood, of an impossible beginning, just as the Ibsen’s bird-woman enclosed in her cage, or Lola Montes that Max Ophuls shows in a circus, just as the prostitutes in Holland in their shop-windows, these maidens are absolutely enclosed. In my project, they escape from the public’s eye, protected by their masks, playing with the contrast betweenpresence/absence, close to us and at the same time far away as ghosts, somewhere else and now, here and in the past. I’d like to give them a new way of look. Throught this photographic game, the maiden’s look becomes the territory of all kinds of possible, of the future, of a promise. If they were threatened by birds, they are now themselves threatening.

Photographies argentiques 40×50 cm sur papier rare ultra-brillant, tirage argentique sous agrandisseur